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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
1:10 am

 I haven't been on LJ in ages, and i don't understand why i'm here right now either. i'm so sidetracked from my work it's not funny.

LJ was so, so long ago. and i want to update just for old times' sake : )

i don't think anyone uses LJ anymore anyway, aiite. so i'm just going to pretend millions of people read this and care about me lol.


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Thursday, September 8th, 2005
5:34 pm - I here, got 'tagged'. By my cousin.
My cousin tagged me :

</span>So apparently, I'm supposed to write 5 weird habits about myself on here, but I don't know what any of my weird habits are what the crapping hell lolz. I'll just write habits. I don't know if they're weird or not, but hey, if I'm weird, I'm pretty sure my habits shouldn't be too normal.

1. When I get nervous [for example, on stage and stuff] I fiddle with my earrings. A-fucking-lot. Haha.

2. I can't let anyone touch the bottom of my feet. I'm so ticklish it's not even funny. Once, Mail tried to draw a penis under my foot and I couldn't make myself let her, so she ended up drawing a 'broken' penis with some writing that said 'Laaiserhierhaiwr.' I don't even know. Just stay away from the bottom of my feet please.

3. When someone I know wears the same thing more than once in the space of like, 3 days [shirts, pants, shoes, whatever] and I witness this, the first thing I say to them is 'Didn't you wear that yesterday?!' So I'm warning you people, don't keep wearing the same thing around me because eventually, I will have to point it out. GOSHIERHihr I can't stand people who wear the same shirt or whatever 24/7 [even if it's their 'favourite'] except for Ciosa who dresses like she's homeless, but I still love her.

4. I like to call Mail and Ciosa by their last names, especially when I'm shouting to them from like across the netball court or something. 'HOULIHAN! BROYELLE!' I love it, because she responds to it HAHA. [Well duh, it's her last name.] And weirdly enough Ciosa calls me 'STEFANI LAI.' like 24/7. Why, why do I respond to it. She can't call me 'Lai!' it's too weird.

5. I like to bring Joe's I love you stickers around and stick them wherever I feel like. There's one in Tai Wo [omg someone half ripped it off], one in Shatin, one outside Festival Walk [okay someone ripped that off too I think.], and there's one at school although I don't think I stuck it there. Although I might have, I can't keep track - I stick too many around. What the fuck this isn't even a weird habit.

I tag :


Jeez. Those are practically all the people on my friends list. I don't have many you see.

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Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
11:05 pm - OH EM JEE.

Golly gosh. Oh my gosh. I hate China, for real.

So like yeah.

I have class, every day of the week, yeah that's right - even Sundays. What the eff. Oh - but we do have the field trips to like, Palaces and Tombs and other Beijing stuffies.

So we have class at about... 8.30 - 11.30 am, with the occasional break every hour for about 5-10 minutes. Then we have lunch at 11.30 - 2.30pm, where we get some free time because we don't need 3 hrs to have lunch, and here I usually nap. Then we have class at 2.30 - 4.30, sometimes some 3 on 1 tutorial things, practising our mandarin and stuff. And then we have dinner, sometimes at 5.30, sometimes at 6.20, depending on where we're going and what we're doing later.



dude, you gotta read about the greasy dude.Collapse )

current mood: ohmygollygosh.

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Sunday, July 17th, 2005


CIOSA : We are having Jap noodles when we BOTH get back okay. I WILL EMAIL YOU LOTS OKAY. Not short ones, but LOGNLGOGINIEN ones.


current mood: ARGH.

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Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
6:14 pm - I feel sick.
No really, I feel so euhawehr sick.

I think all Australians deserve a place in hell because they are so fucking desperate. No. Gay. EITHER ONE OK.

Except for Elise okay.

Miles is a loser.Collapse )

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Thursday, July 7th, 2005
11:12 pm - holy bejaysus.
Never, and I mean never, ride in a car where your 18 yr old, haven't-driven-in-8-months sister is driving. No seriously, we were like going around a roundabout, and then like she forgets to check her mirror things, so my mom goes "Check!" and she checks, but the minute she checks she doesn't know where she's going, so she like, rolls one of the car-wheels up a curb [thank the Lord is was my dad's 4 x 4 or else my mom would have killed if it was her car.] Damn that was sort of really retarded motherofGod. Never again . ?

And plus, she said she wanted to drive me to Sai Kung [to watch WSK] on Saturday night, uh, dream. I don't think Ciosa would want my sister to drive her any place either lol. You'd be like, risking your life.

More interestingness...Collapse )

current mood: karishna.

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Thursday, June 30th, 2005
12:58 am - ...
I don't think this is going to be a very good update, but whatever.

No one makes me laugh like these guys do, no one cheers me up like these guys do and I don't think I can talk to anyone the way I talk to these guys.

I couldn't love anyone more than these guys either.Collapse )

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Thursday, June 16th, 2005
1:18 am - FFS.
So omg, I still can't update my LJ with pictures, so this will just be for ranting I guess. THIS IS SO ANNOYING. Oh well, my xng is more visited anyway... -_-" *is pissed off*.

Today was fun, actually took some photos, and Ciosa, please send me some of the ones you took of me and uhm yeah update somewhere woman!! I want to see how fucking retarded I look when I'm peeking over that fucking gate, getting caught by Phillipinos and such HAHAHA. Omg. You got so gross because you kept rubbing yourself on white chalk and such.

My skirt is dirty thanks to YOU who made me sit on the fucking truck FIRST.

And all my photos = underwear visible HAHAHA I chuckle so hard it's not even funny, so it's time for people to visit my dev art.

I'm beginning to think that CAS week's photography thing is gonna be really fun, when I get a camera first, well I have one, my Papi's, but Iunno if I should use it. ANYWAY. If he gets me one then OKAOKAOKAOKAYT. But if not, hm.

Snet you people, love muchos.

Oh - and great. I have 1096 songs on my fucking iPod. GRRREAT. Ciosa has to send me songs and Mail will totally lend me her CD's. THANKS <3 love.

current mood: wtf.

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
5:39 pm - WE NEED A JUDGE OMG.
steff : great
mail : fate.
steff : you're late.
mail : to our date
steff : go past the gate
mail : i will yell 'snayt'
steff : dont use me as bait
mail : u choose, love or hate
steff : give me my plate.
mail : ill crush u with my weight
steff : you're such a state
mail : like blanchett, cate.
steff : you are not mine, but her soulmate
mail : ur heart, i must operate
steff : why, at this rate?
mail : youre going to have to wait
steff : for my boyfriend, tate?
mail : ill feed him a date.

WHO WON?! DATE WAS ALREADY USED BY MAIL, and she totally used it again *CHEAP ASS* So I think I should win!! =D LOL. Plz I would like to know what you think.

current mood: LOL.

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Friday, June 10th, 2005
12:08 am - John Smith...
Is it just me or did Mr and Mrs Smith have some of the worst lines ever? HAHA. But I think it was funny:-

Jane : It's bulletproof.
John : *after shooting bulletproof cars* It's bulletproof.


John : I'm partially colour blind.
Jane : I don't have feeling in these three fingers.
John : I broke three ribs.

I DON'T CARE. Is it possible to lose feeling in three fingers?

John and Jane, what original names, and Seth Cohen HELLO [okay so that's not really his name, ADAM BRODY] please you look so threatening I want to marry you. He's sooo cute omg.

I'm never arriving 20 minutes late to a movie ever again thanks, and it's miraculous how I didn't squirt ketchup and mustard all over my clothes in the theater, thanks to the magical light that my phone gives off. =)

I think Mail should be an angel so she'll be allowed to Ignite.
I think Mail should be an angel so she can meet up when in HLY.
I think Ciosa said something stupid to me like "My ass grew so I can't pull my jeans over them."
I think Ciosa and I should start an acoustic band, make an album and sell them for $80 [LOL especially if all the songs sound the same.]
I think one day we'll be famous when Ciosa pushes me off a 20-storey building and I survive [and half my face is paralysed and when I'm being interviewed I do all the talking and Ciosa just strokes me hair because she's mentally handicapped.]
WE WILL ALL BE FAMOUS ONE DAY and go shop-til-we-fucking-pop and OMG look so nice. I want to be rich. HELLO PARIS HILTON *runs to her, she is now my best friend, and then she adopts me.* Paris Hilton is now my sister people!
I think the History exam was a piece of shit - someone please tell me what the Peace Accord was?

My iPod has shitty shuffle and likes to play 'music' with Nelly having a conversation with somebody else, wtf?

[No exam for 1.5 weeks yayayayayayayayayayayyayyy yaya happy crappy me.]

current mood: psychoooo.

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Friday, June 3rd, 2005
1:21 am - I am traumatized...?
I don't ever want to see Mr. Lewis in hotpants and a thong over it thanks. And I definitely don't want to see his love-handles rolling out of his tight pants and I don't want him to ever sit the way he did in the play. That was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and yeah, I am permanently traumatized. Even Mrs. Griffiths turned around and was like 'You won't be able to see him in the same way as before right?' and I just rolled off and chuckled. That was disgusting. Please. Go put some clothes on HOLYASSCRACK.

I also think people should inform me of SK parties a little earlier, I would have loved to go to the Trio Beach one tonight but No, Joe likes to tell me the night before, oh fantastical, this is just great, I'll have my social life which involve my stuffed toys. Hurrah. OMFG. I hate SK people who don't like to tell us earlier. LOL Mogue got so pissed at Hannah because Hannah never tells her anything ><" And Hannah didn't tell Mogue about the SK party until tonight when she said 'Aren't you going to the SK party?' '...what? No.' I HATE PEOPLE. But I definitely love SK parties because they always rewl, and I bet they're only fun when we're there *cheese* Ciosa+Me+SKparty=CAMERAWHORE?! YEAH.

So this is a long enough update hmog.


PS: CiOsA I haven't seen you in ages, do you still exist? Do you still look the same? Have you had plastico surgerio? No? Okay I go to hell now.

ALL MAP and deserve to die a very slow, painful death.

current mood: fuck you soab's.

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
8:46 pm - So...
I failed my clarinet exam.

And then my mom threw a kitchen utensil at me.

And that's because I told her to 'don't fucking talk to me.'

I have an internal like injury now, that thing was sharp bitches.

current mood: DON'T HIT ME MOTHER.

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Monday, May 23rd, 2005
5:10 pm - Maths sucks.
And it really 10348458% does. I failed my paper 4. I swear to God. And I don't even have a core C to use incase I fail. The highest I can possibly get for paper 4 is B. Great. Drags my entire grade down, if I even did okay on Paper 2.

CIOSA WTF. We couldn't beat Peace Police with $20. I was so close. And so were you. I lost 3 lives on that fucking level. I hate it thx can we plz choose the easier ones next time.

I can't be fucked to type what happened in Shatin here AND xng - so please visit my xanga.com/stefani_VII THANKYOUZ. Let me just go update.


Me: Does your shirt say Wild Pink?
Me: ...it says Wild Pink Mogue.
Mogue: WHAT?! Oh!!!! I just realized there was writing on my shirt...

I LOVE THE MOGUEY!! And I love you guys. ROFL.

current mood: I'm drawing. Duh.

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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
6:17 pm - I believe...
LOL. I'm getting so many Victoria's Secret [LOL BLONDEY BLONDEY] swim suit catalogues that my dad's starting to think I'm ordering porn. I think VS make all models look horrific. TYRA BANKS holy gosh what happened to her. But then again I never thought she was that pretty.

I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL ANTM. Hello, I already know who won *cries in corner* because I went to my friend's friend's xanga. WTF BE MORE CONSIDERATE. I already left a bitchy-ish comment. But then I ended it nicely. There we go, I'm a pretty nice person after all.

Maths exam - 8.30 WTF give us time in the morning to revise. We'll sit our hass til 11 WTF that is bullshit. I'm going to end up going to the bathroom like twice because my butt will hurt so damn much.

I should revise. I've been at the pool all day. Science multiple choice shouldn't be too bad, PE GOSH CIOSA I found out it's only 1.45hrs so that's okay. *Phew* 2.5hrs and I might just die. It's at 5.30 WTH. I'm so pissed off. But then we can arkayde after LOL because the day after I have 2 mandarin exams, 1 after the other LOL that's e-z duh I hope. =_="" How do we even do listening?

Meh - - - - - <\3.

current mood: Life's a bitch.

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Friday, May 20th, 2005
11:34 am - My phone is dead.
My mother is a piece of crap. Why won't she let me get my phone fixed?! I even offered to pay wtf. [But wait, the "offered to pay" part was from my dream...] I WANT TO USE MY SEXEH PHONE INSTEAD OF THIS PIECE OF SONY ERICSSON MIDGET SHIT. So damn annoying. Shitteh phones really piss me off.

AYAYAYAYAYAYA Star Wars todaaaay!! :] *is excited* If we play Peace Police today, I guarantee I will be better and not lose 2 lives in the easy ass levels. That was 198934% bullshit.

I still think Ugly People deserve to die thxxx.

Okay short piece of pointless update but I don't care.

current mood: Fixmyphonebitch.

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Thursday, May 19th, 2005
3:30 pm - Suckah.
Yer, I'm an official sucker at Peace Police. What happened? *pissed off and broke.*

So I didn't find the Maths exam amazingly hard, or easy though, while I shoulder danced with my sleeves flying everywhere and rulers being tossed onto the ground while Ciosa chuckles for like 10 minutes behind me. I swear, all I do is shoulder dance to entertain myself. The woman sitting at the front was like 'wtf' I swear.

Next week - FIVE exams. Science multiple choice shouldn't be that difficult, Maths paper 4 hmog failage. PE... If I get an F I will seriously kill. Time to revise, and uh yeah. I know most of the stuff [xD] but the questions are just confusing WTF. Brain tumor okay.

Mandarin should be eee-zzz.

Time to slack and watch TV and read the new Vogue all day. Duh.

[The weather is a piece of shit and I want to watch Star Wars. Tomorrow with the Banis omfgaaaaaaaaash. Excitedness takes over.]

Okay if a boy dares ask me out for fun so Mail gets that $100 I'm going to shoot him, and myself. Him first, duh. Wait I might want to live.


Okay I totally forgot what I was gonna edit with.
Oh right - proof that I really am THE angel. :]

So me and Mail were sitting outside the theater and it started pouring [we were sitting under an umbrella duh.] and there's this huuuge line to buy tickets for Star Wars III and like yeah, there was this like 20-something yearold man lining up with no umbrella and he was just standing in the rain getting soaked. Man in front and behind both have umbrellas. HELP HIM FOR GOD'S SAKE YOUR UMBRELLAS ARE HUGE.

So being the generous person that I am, I offer him the usage of my umbrella, and of course he accepts and thanks me.

Message of edit : I HATE HONG KONG/CHINESE PEOPLE. Yeah, I hate the people of my race. They are selfish son of a bitches. I swear if I got shot and was bleeding to death on a pavement they'd just walk past and the most they'd do is offer me little spongebob bandaids. I'm serious. Chinese people go to hell.

current mood: Tired like a sonofawhore.

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
4:07 pm - For God's sake.
You - Buy some new pants. Your ass is huge. After discussing it [referring to your ass], we've figured out that I can fit 3 of my heads into one of your asscheekspaces in your underwear. Underwear line = PLEASE REMOVE.

I can't be bothered to do Maths. I fell asleep at the pool. I'm going to fall asleep during tutor. But I can't fail maths, if I fail, I'm screwed. OH! Tutor = Useless. HolyGosh. I'm going to fail. Someone save me.

Arkayding after? Yeah. If I'm stressed about my Maths results. I'm pretty sure I'll mess up. What is this sin A/a = sin B/b shit. I don't understand. a^2 = b^2 + c^2. That's the only thing I know.

I'm going to take the bus tomorrow again. Revise a little [dream]. Roll down to Starbucks. Revise a little [dream]. Go back to school. Revise more [dream]. Last half an hour = CHILL. Mail = It works doesn't it? =P I wasn't nervous for Science.

And 1 last thing - Someone. Please Kill Boy-Who-We-Will-Start-A-PlasticSurgery-Fund-For. Thanks.

current mood: Lazy as fuck. I want sliip.

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
6:42 pm - Don't you...
Don't you sometimes feel almost 'immune' to what people say to you? Like, deep things?

Don't you sometimes get annoyed when someone says something like "I love you" and you know they don't mean it, and you wonder why they say it?

Don't you want to find the perfect guy and live happily after?

I am Cinderella. I am Snow White. I am Sleeping Beauty [does she even have a name?] I am Ariel.

I love my Bani's, and I mean it<333Heartz.

On the other hand, I think Science was okay - although I shouldn't be saying things like that because I'm probably and most likely jinxing myself. Yeah, I'll probably end up with a D or something. I AM NOT SATIESFIED WITH A C. Fucking core, I thought my mom called in and told Mr. Hodgeson I wanted to do supplementary. That dick.

Eng Lit. tomorrow. I need to find my 3 books, and if only we did easy, interesting texts like, uh, Romeo y Juliet.

Then Maths Paper 4 hmog failage.


current mood: sonofabitch.

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Monday, May 16th, 2005
4:41 pm - Revising rewls... My computer sucks...
I. Hate. My computer. It refuses to let me use richtextsonofabitchshit because, yeah, this computer sucks.

Great. The second I get homez from the pool it's sunny. I think God despises me somehow.

And yeah, Sci-inse exam tomorrow, and I haven't really revised much, the only thing I know from the human skeleton is the 'patella', yeah, the kneecap bone thing. Great, I think I'll fail. Oh! And Robyn and stuff reminds me today that last year, core was HARDER than the supplementary thing. How is that even possible.

I'm sort of looking forward to tomorrow, only because I hope to play stupid homo drum gayme at the arkayde with Houlihan. Yeah, that's right. And Peace Police here I come. And it would help if I actually fucking passed the damn fucking levels without losing so many fucking lives. It costs me a loooot of money.

So I've decided I'll update with some pichas. I have a kewl idea okay. *remembers*

EDIT - 9.54PM

So I've finially finished my Bio notes, which leave me with no more Science notes to do, because I am SUCH a genius. Hai. Now I have to study them like hell. I mean here are my answers for questions about the eye.

[There is an eye with arrows pointing at different parts with different letters labeled.]

a) Jelly coat.
b) Jelly layer.
c) Jelly to keep the shape of eyeball.
d) Jelly.

Yeah, and if I don't get any marks for that I might just shoot myself, yeah, literally. WHO NEEDS TO LEARN ABOUT EYEBALLS!

[Job interview as Vogue Fashion Editor, 15 years later.]

"So why do you think you're appropriate for this job?"
"Well, because I know how the eyeball works and all the different parts to it, yeah, all of it, the retina, jelly coat, jelly layer, pupil, iris, everything..."
"...Get out."

Moral of edit:-

current mood: about the exam... duh.

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Sunday, May 15th, 2005
11:22 pm - For the sake of Keeza...
This is my LJ.

And I will probably be using this mostly to comment on ~keesani, because Mail will probably bagz the maximi one [WTF OK] =)

I'll write about my beautiful day.

Work x 329874.
Met up with Thomas Nick Mail... Aprila+gf DUH. And Thomas "helped" me with Maths... I will fail... I don't even know what 1 x -2 is... =_="

Someone, tell me how to fucking add pictures? ;]

current mood: bored

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